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It's hard to write marketing content without sounding boring or pushy. Here are a few ways to relax your message to help increase your conversion rates...

Google has announced it will shut down the consumer version of its social network, Google+, by August of 2019. While the ultimate reason for pulling the plug is because of a data breach, the social media site has been struggling since its introduction. Here are the other reasons why Google is bidding farewell to its social media site.

Now that Google+ will be shutting down in August 2019, let's take a look at the more successful social media sites that attract loads of users and advertisers every month.

These overused marketing phrases can wash out your messaging and even damage your brand. Take a look to make sure you're not using these blunders.

SEO is one of the most important parts of your marketing today. Use these top 5 tips for improving your SEO game for your customers.

We work exclusively with smaller businesses, and there are a variety of practical marketing strategies. Here are four of many options.

With new innovations like the internet and social media come new ways to advertise, like partnering with influencers—social media stars who have big selling authority toward their viewers. Take a look at why advertising with influencers can be beneficial for any company.

You might use a “reader view” when surfing the web—you may even be using one right now. Reader views not only show a stripped version of a webpage, but they also show us that bad web design is alive and well.

Take a look at these 5 common advertising mistakes to make sure your ads are good enough to make sales.

Having the right branding can do wonders to your sales figures. A logo, company look and ad designs can grab the attention of your specific audience, while your brand voice can speak to them in just right way to urge them to buy.

Nearly every business needs marketing, but to avoid wasting ad dollars on the wrong potential customers, you’ll need to know exactly who to target. Here are some ways to define who your target audience is and how to market to them.

With this new US law calling for more transparency, it's a good time to update your outdated menu design to avoid overwhelming your customers with clutter.

Google is a powerhouse, but did you know they have some free and easy tools for business owners? Check out our favorites.

You may have heard rumblings that Facebook is over but contrary to everyone’s panic, it likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As a company who sends out notifications and enewsletters via email, we feel it’s our job to help you understand the difference between a legitimate email and a scam email.

Not all keys on your keyboard are meant to be used as often as you’d think. Here are 6 keyboard keys to avoid if you want a tighter, more effective message.

The name of your business is going to be with you for as long as the business lasts, so make sure it’s strategic and well thought out for your company.

It can be tough to explain just how much effort we put into helping customers market their businesses. Thankfully, we were once able to test our limits (and our tires) and come out with a nice little story.

Every industry has their own list of unique terms and phrases, but no jargon is more rapidly added to than in marketing. Take a look to stay involved in marketing conversation.

In early 2018, Facebook changed how businesses’ posts will show up for Facebook users. Take a look at the basics of Facebook and what changes came to business accounts.

As always, marketing trends can change faster than you can say "demographic." Here are some notable changes in marketing that happened this year.

No time for an in-depth holiday campaign? Here are a few easy, last-minute holiday marketing tips to get your products under more trees.

108 million shoppers spent $12 billion last year on Small Business Saturday. Learn how to get the crowds in your door to shop small on Nov 24th.

Informed Delivery®, the newest service from the USPS, allows you to target customers before your mail ever hits their mailboxes.

Marketing moves fast. Here are a few of the important changes coming in 2018 and beyond, and how to stay ahead of the competition.

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