Paper Folding Guide

Paper Folding

Paper can be folded about as many ways as you can imagine. Because it can seem overwhelming, we've set up this helpful guide for designing your material for print.

Please know that folding is seldom very precise; most machines work within a tolerance of about 1/32 of an inch per fold. It is important, therefore, that a designer keeps that in mind when developing pieces with elements that end at folds. It is also important to allow for tiny variations in folds, just as you would for variations in trimming.

On sheets that need to fold several times, the accuracy of the first fold will affect all subsequent folds. The thickness of the paper will also cause variations in additional folds, as thicker paper will cause the folds to shift more than a thin paper. When submitting a job to Creative Graphics, it is highly recommended that you include a folding dummy with your submission.

The following diagrams illustrate the most typical folding options used in the commercial printing industry: