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Email Marketing is a Big Benefit to Small Businesses

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Email marketing is a primary marketing tool for retaining existing customers, winning new ones and keeping your brand alive. Our email marketing recommendations always take into consideration your sales, marketing and customer retention goals.

We offer a turn-key approach to email marketing available by itself or integrated into your overall marketing plan.

The benefits of email marketing

• Low cost

• Adaptable to any sales or marketing objective

• Fast and easy to implement

• Drives more traffic to your website

• Keeps customers and prospects informed about new products, services, industry news, company news and upcoming events

• Messages can be altered for audience segmentation

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E-newsletters are regularly scheduled emails sent to subscribers. A properly designed and written e-newsletter is a valuable tool for communicating the latest news about your company or industry. E-newsletters are very cost-effective, both in terms of design layout and delivery.


Whereas an e-newsletter is ideal for a variety of news and branding, an e-blast is great for one-off announcements such as a special offer, inviting people to an event or trade show, or launching a new product.

The keys to successful email marketing

• An attractive design that invites people into your e-newsletter

• Brief articles with a call-to-action leading to a form or other landing page

• Well-written, valuable content that informs and helps people

• Solid opt-in and list-building strategies

• Staying on top of your industry’s news and relaying that to customers

• Analytics to measure and improve results such as open rates and links to your site

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