Integrated Marketing Systems

Integrated Marketing Systems

Integrated Marketing is a marketing strategy that combines print, personalization and digital content to increase your sales and marketing results. It starts with simple direct mailing, followed by digital marketing and ends with immediate outcome reporting.

Crafting your Strategy

We start off by meeting with you to discuss your organization’s goals and brainstorm campaign strategies, conduct database research and begin to concept development.

Next, we will design a direct mail piece relevant to each person receiving it by using variable data printing, customized to each individual. Personalized website landing pages will be created to record customer response to the mailing.

Production and Reporting

After everything has been tested and approved, we produce and mail the direct marketing piece. Your customers will be driven to their personalized website landing page to respond to your offer. You will get immediate customer feedback emailed directly to your sales force and management team.

You will have the ability to log on to a reporting web interface to view and download campaign results. The real-time reporting can be used to modify and fine-tune future marketing efforts and see a return on investment of the campaign.


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