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The name of your business is going to be with you for as long as the business lasts, so make sure it’s strategic and well thought out for your company.

It can be tough to explain just how much effort we put into helping customers market their businesses. Thankfully, we were once able to test our limits (and our tires) and come out with a nice little story.

Every industry has their own list of unique terms and phrases, but no jargon is more rapidly added to than in marketing. Take a look to stay involved in marketing conversation.

Soon, Facebook will start changing how business’ posts will show up for Facebook users. Take a look at the basics of Facebook and what changes are coming your way.

As always, marketing trends can change faster than you can say "demographic." Here are some notable changes in marketing that happened this year.

No time for an in-depth holiday campaign? Here are a few easy, last-minute holiday marketing tips to get your products under more trees.

112 million shoppers spent $15 billion last year on Small Business Saturday. Learn how to get the crowds in your door to shop small on Nov 25th.

Informed Delivery®, the newest service from the USPS, allows you to target customers before your mail ever hits their mailboxes.

Marketing moves fast. Here are a few of the important changes coming in 2018 and beyond, and how to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are what most business owners across the Twin Cities come to us for when they need better branding or a boost in sales.

Outdated websites can cause customers to think twice about where to shop. Check this list to make sure your website is staying fresh and up-to-date.

These overused marketing phrases can wash out your messaging and even damage your brand. Take a look to make sure you're not using these blunders.

Did you know you can change where you rank in Google searches? SEO is one of the most important parts of your marketing today. Use these top 5 tips to improve your ranking and get in front of more customers.

Sending company info and offers via email marketing is an easy way to boost sales. Even the smallest businesses can use email marketing, and it’s often less expensive than for larger companies.

Graphic design is one of the most effective arts of marketing. Want to up your design game? Use these tips to attract more customers.

While small business owners like you are busy running their businesses, we handle their marketing through our Marketing Mentor program, which includes digital marketing, graphic design, printing, direct mail and more. Here’s how.

Well-written websites and marketing materials can be the difference between a sale and a walk. Use these tips to beef up your print and digital copywriting.

Every business with a website is affected by SEO, which is how customers find you (before your competitors) online. Here’s why SEO is both helpful and necessary in small business marketing.

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